Перевод песни Fred Schendel – So Close, So Far

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Time is stronger than my feeble desires
I watched you grow older but the island drew no closer
I can gaze from afar at the shore
Without wings I could never do more
Time spent fighting dragons is wasted, now I know
I wish I had learned to swim instead
But I didn’t want to get my feet wet
Now I hear empty words on the wind
Echo back from the past once again
Time also must give in to the rules of the game it plays
All things can change, if it is our will
Is stronger than you see — stronger than entropy
And we can defeat death, if it is our will
If I could only find the words to say
If I could ever find the words to say
Time is ever, time is losing
We have futures of our choosing
(So far away, yet so close)
As we go on we grow more like each other
The changes of time will bring us together
The journey of a thousand miles, the story goes
Begins not with a step but with the will to step
And so the day may yet come when I’m by your side