Перевод песни Joakim Jonsson, Martin Hanner, Johan Reinholdz, Andreas Edlund, Joakim Karlsson – Misery's Supremacy

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
When everything’s pushed to the verge
Frequently, impatient
And you are searching for a way out
Transparent, indistinct
Not always so obvious
The true colors are shining through
Deterrent coherence
Shifting to black or white
Inverted inwardly
Reveal the hidden side of you
Like it wasn’t enough…
…now burning at both ends
After this you just might be alone
Corroded grounds lying ahead
Erasing is not the cure
The decision is all yours
It’s impossible to forget
What has been
Pushed further, down in the gutter
Misery’s supremacy
Time has come to choose your side
Restricted, limited
The path is divided here
Engender self defense
Asking for a final solution
Indirect, incorrect
No matter how this turns out
Horren dous disturbance
Either way it’s a scar to heal
Didn’t know what to expect from the inception
The damnation
Must be broken, must be broken
Curse the inaccuracy
Improvise a way out
To retrospect
You will know if
It was the right
Thing to do then
Deal with the existence
Emptiness, loneliness
You won’t just go on after this
Denial, withdrawal
The illusion won’t hold much longer
No it wasn’t enough…
…burned out
Now you’re on your own…
…burned out