Перевод песни Lester Raww (aka. Mark Beshirs) – The Crow

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At the end of the road, where the cottonwood growed
A snake stopped to climb up in a tree
For a moment he heard his mama’s final words, said:
Son, leave that old crow be
The snakes all know to fear the mean old crow
And never follow where the bird has flown
And heed my words and fear the mean old bird
And promise me you’ll leave her legs alone
Then a snake, pure and white, said: Boy, your mama’s right
There is wisdom dripping from her forked tongue
You know that bird will kill -- yeah, she’s sharpened up her bill
And she likes the taste of snake when it’s young
Then a snake, bloody red, appeared to him and said:
I haven’t seen that crow anywhere
And I bet your jaw is stronger than her claw
And that crow’s got plenty to share
(Get on it, son)
He took the egg and turned to go, yeah and there he saw that crow
For his short little life he began to beg
What kind of crow would I be if I let the snake go free
Who dared to come and try to steal my egg?
So she tore the snake apart, and she ate his little heart
And she threw his broken body from the tree
And he heard his mama short as his blood was spilling out:
Oh Sonny, won’t you come home to me?
Oh Sonny, won’t you come home to me?
Oh Sonny! won’t you come home to me?