Перевод песни Lester Raww (aka. Mark Beshirs) – The Hateful Thing

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About twenty times a day
I forget to call your name
And though nobody answers back
I keep hollering just the same
It makes me crazy
And paranoid and Lord I keep on crying
I’d be fine it weren’t for
That thing buried 'neath the floor
That keeps on lying
When I try to go to bed
I hear that voice within my head
Still saying that she’s hungry
Still waiting to be fed
It makes me sleepless
And feisty and Christ it makes me worried
And I’ll be headed for the door
If that thing makes it through the floor
And won’t stay buried
When the day comes to an end
That’s when the hateful thing begins
She’s saying that I killed someone
And I might do it again
But I think she’s lying
Yeah, but I can’t tell and hell that really frets me
And now that bloody bag of gore
That I see crawling across the floor
Has come to get me