Перевод песни Lester Raww (aka. Mark Beshirs) – I Had to Cut Her

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
She called on me, I would not take her
She called on me, and I would not stir
She called on me, and I asked my Master:
Should I go, Lord, should I go to her?
And take our vows before the alter?
For the Devil would have us sin
And I fear that she will falter
And return to her wicked ways again
But in my dreams I did take her
But in my dreams I lost control
When I woke, I did forsake her
For I feared for my immortal soul
I said to her: I need a virgin
Who’s never known the touch of men
But I gave in to her urging
I laid down pure, but I rose up in sin
What I thought, I could not tell her
What I knew, I could not say
Like a dog, I could smell her
Like a dog, I could not stay
Before I left I had to cut her
And I held her while she bled
For I thought I could not trust her
And I knew I could not wed