Перевод песни Johan Blomström; Tobias Olsson; Staffan Franzén; Martin Bergman; Joel Andersson; Linus Arelund Månsson – Waking Up Dead

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
As the walls are closing in on me
(It's getting hard to breathe)
And the thing they call reality
(Seems so far away from me)
I can’t see shit but I’m feeling it
(Feels damn safe to bet)
It’s my own sick self so I ask myself
Don’t I think I’ve had enough yet
I can’t explain
(The voice that’s inside my head)
It’s all in vain
(One of us is waking up dead)
I’m waking up dead
Got to win fight got to beat the night
(Got to kill all the nightmares)
It’ll suck me in it will spit me out
(Leaving me all torn and scared)
God I hate this place all up in my face
(Like an itch you cannot scratch)
It’s my private hell I create myself
Don’t I think I’ve had enough yet
I can’t explain…
Alright come on
(You'll get your fight cuz I can’t resist)
Let’s get it on
(I'll retake all the shots that I’ve missed)
Just bring it on
(I'm gonna make you pay)
It’s fucking on
I can’t explain, the voice that’s inside my head