Перевод песни Johan Blomström; Tobias Olsson; Staffan Franzén; Martin Bergman; Joel Andersson; Linus Arelund Månsson – Pretend

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Just let it go, it’s over it’s dead
And I think you know, still you feel the need to pretend
Over and done, so tired of everything
I’m not the one but it doesn’t mean anything
I’ll never be the one you need
And I won’t lie, I never try
You’ll remember me as incomplete
But I won’t mind cuz I never try
Many mistakes but no lessons learned
All of your heartaches are none of my concern
I won’t look back, I have no regrets
Never ever crack, no matter how bad it gets
I’ll never be…
You’re gonna have to make it alone