Перевод песни Cooper/Matt Southwell – Explosion

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your lovely taste
your precious smell
my favorite, absolute fucking hell
to ravage you is all i want
watch out love I’m on the hunt
'Cuz you are ice just like desire
hot to the touch you burn like fire
but i can take it wait and see
you’re what i want explode with me
oh how you’ve lied
and how I’ve tried to disregard all of that
I’m packaging you tied up tight
just like a maniac
there’s no assurance it’s only me
i need a better guarantee
so just lay back the fuse is lit
you won’t feel a thing explode with me
well i’m crazy for you can’t you see ah amore you’ve sparked in me a love whose
flames are climbing higher come let’s ignite our funeral pyre I’ll squeeze you
harder I’ll love you more I’ll be your two-bit sleezy whore
there’s no escaping on your knees it’s what i want explode with me explosion