Перевод песни Randy Bogacz – Love Can't Wait

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She said I know you but you don’t know me
I’ve been around but you haven’t seen
I’m gonna get a little closer to you
Know what I mean? uh huh
She starts to smile
Says she wants me to know
She’ll do whatever it takes
To get me alone
Says she knows what she likes
And she likes what she sees
Gonna get what she wants
And what she wants is me
Hey she’s so excited
And she just can’t wait anymore
I know she couldnt move any faster
Out the door into the back of my car
You know she said
Love can’t wait
I’ve gotta have you
I want you right away
Love can’t wait
Not another minute not another day
Love can’t wait
Don’t keep me hangin, don’t hesitate no
She calls me up in the middle of the night
Says she needs me, wants to give me a ride
She’s gonna lose control
Oh she’s comin right away
Walks through my door
Shoves me down to the floor
No time to lose
She’s so ready to go
Now she’s taken control
And she’s all over me
She’s like every mothers nightmare
And every guy’s dream
She’s got me so excited
And she knows I love to give it all
So she takes it just a little bit higher
Til I just can’t take anymore
Oh baby