Перевод песни Michael Vial – Julie's Monsters

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Julie runs from monsters that are
Hiding in her reoccurring dreams
Something isn’t quite right so it seems
The curses she screams out loud when she sleeps
And if I’m the one who is there
When she wakes up she refuses to speak
Secrets she keeps hiding in her sheets
Behind dark eyes wax tears that seem to bleed
And I sing hush little baby
Don’t you cry
Even if you can’t tell me why
Secrets are always for you to keep
Only skin deep
Only skin deep
But Julie’s running out of ways
to hide those strange bruises over scars
Mapping out her secrets on her arms
She wears a bracelet with symbolic broken charms
And if I’m the one whose asking what they mean
She only shakes her head
Changes the subject instead
Whispers don’t worry go back to bed
And I sing hush little baby
Don’t you cry
Even if you won’t tell me why
And if your secrets are only for you see
Keep them a mystery
Dare I ask that if when they come around
Do they have teeth do they bite
(Keep them a mystery)
And when they come around do their claws shine in the night
(keep them a mystery)
Or do they tell her something
She’s not ready to hear
'causes they’re right
Julie hides her answers so skintight
Julie runs from monsters that are hiding in her reoccurring dreams
Better kept a secret so it seems
Her monsters remain mysteries only
Only to me