Перевод песни Michael Vial – White Wine

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I sat all alone
Drinking a glass of white wine
And tried to ignore
My memories and longings for her
I waited by the phone
Blaming myself for feeling so damn alone
I sat by the phone
Playing her games in my mind
And I thought I’d lose this time
Instead I just swallowed my pride
And fought through love that became war
Inside of myself I had lost so much more
Trying to make it work
Only got myself broken hearted hurt
Now I’m lost in-between
Respecting yourself is
Harder than it seems
I sat like a stone
The phone rang so innocently
My hand held its own
I said she’s only a bad memory
Because if I had took a chance, and danced with her voice
I’d a lost all control in the strength of my choice
So I sat all alone
Playing those games in my mind
I guess I won this time
Drinking a glass of white wine