Перевод песни Dave Falk and Lisa Housman – Crazy That It Rained Again

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A long time ago in the January snow
Where we trudged for hours with no sense of the time
We were younger then, and we were not yet friends
We were just two lost angels bumming rides by the side of the road
Then you came to me like a whirlwind
And the burning asphalt started to bend
I saw Orion had no place to end
So I named it after you instead
I turned twenty four, when you broke into my prison door
And two worlds collided, and life as I once knew it ends
You taught the stars to me
Beneath the shady Sycamore tree
I was ugly then, but you chose me
And showed me the lights of fluorescent beauty
Lost in the rain, our course was like the launching of a space plane
And you showed me the stars in your head that shined like daffodil streets
Maybe we’re plagued in the heart, and letters and words tear us apart
There’s happiness these days, but it still beats the heck out of me
If gravity can pull us apart
And ghosts can travel through our art
The waters weep and the oceans part
By your spotlight silvery moon
You don’t seem to care what people think or say anywhere
You can look a thousand miles in a heart and stare
While the world thinks that we’re buffoons
It don’t seem to go. Don’t seem to know what I used to know
Just searching for the thoughts that I lost on the tip of my mind
And it’s crazy that it rained again
A rabbit squirrel said you were my friend
Is the beginning just a space to the end
Like the line of the shore and the sea?
Don’t get lost in the game
Even when the flame comes
Or if peace could sound like a victory drum
Or if the next driver saw my hitchhiking thumb
Cuz we’re the lost children of the universe
And Life ain’t free, but it still means a lot to me
And maybe someday we’ll learn what it’s all about