Перевод песни Javier Martín Carrillo – Defying the Gods

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I can count the grains in the top of the sandglass
Your game is about to be over
I’ve learnt to read the signs
Now I’m capable to decode the message
New voices will command your portrait will be burnt
We need to shed skin
You’ve been riding for a fall — rotten to the core
Your vanity knows no bounds
Staring at the distance
See bright lights again
Come to built a different end
And then trail away
You show no scruples always devastate
Without counting the cost
You provoke us to action and actions speak louder than words!
The picture of a new horizon needs still to be drawn
Blustery days of faith charged with the energy of the storm
We will modify the new land
Fighting till we shot our bolt
Your old rotten roots won’t last another winter