Перевод песни Boardroom Heroes – Caravan

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Don’t believe me when I say I’ve got enough
Because I don’t know what that means
This one is for country, for god and love of money
They’re the same thing, there’s no wrong it seems, and I’m wondering if what it
Is that I was never like you and it’s because of what you do
You won’t hesitate, no, to isolate, isn’t this great? Let’s call it fate, yeah
I’m not like them, with their bulletproof hearts
These empty men will tear you and I apart
End over end, and as the world spins so
Do we all end up just like them?
Hollywood contagion, it happens all backstage and
I want to be so much more than me but more than just celebrity
Isn’t this confusing? Is hardship so amusing?
We trivialize, live in disguise, and accept ever greater lies
They’re making us feel pain for their gain, with their bulletproof and leaden
Sometimes I can’t help but feel shame that they’ve gotten everything from the
But their dreams aren’t made, they’re bought and sold by me and you
Their dreams are unfounded
Don’t say I’ve got enough