Перевод песни Boardroom Heroes – He Must Be in Love

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These days aren’t getting any shorter
And I’m getting tired of living at the border
Between what I should’ve said and what I said, between what I really did and
did inside my
I’m running out of time to get over it (over it)
This isn’t where I want to go (waking up)
This isn’t where I want to be (I'm tired of giving up)
This isn’t where I thought you and me would end up back when we were in our
teens (if I
don’t show up I won’t let myself down)
This isn’t what I want to say (if I’m making up)
I didn’t even think it’d be this way (for all the things I once fucked up)
We’re not gone, something’s just gone wrong (it won’t matter)
Now I’m stuck here singing this stupid song
If you believe it, then that’s called acceptance
And the way you live is not making it much easier
I swear that I didn’t know what else to say to her
And if you accept it, then you’ve been defeated
And the way you feel doesn’t really matter now because you’ll end up putting
all this
behind you somehow
And the worst part is I think we’ve already begun
The process of forgetting how to make amends
Tie me down face down in the dirt and I won’t bother you again with all these
stupid words
In a way I think that you could say that the reason that we’re singing this is
we’re okay
We’re all okay
Waking up, I’m almost tired of always giving up
One thing’s for certain: if I don’t show up I won’t let myself down
And if I’m making up for all the small things that I once fucked up
It won’t matter because I’ll still see myself through this cracked lens that
makes up these
eyes of mine