Перевод песни Mark Ambrose – A New Era

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I am a mass consumer
So easily led astray.
Forget all of your compassion.
I need my fix and I need it today.
All hail to the captains.
We’re setting sail on the seas of industry.
Fueling hatred with boredom.
Buying into your chronic apathy.
A new era. The blood soaked century.
It’s coming through the airwaves.
Cable wires and the screens of your TV.
Not some conspiracy cover-up.
It’s the product they’re selling to you and me.
Give in to your bloodlust.
Beware every person that you see on the street.
Channel out hidden meanings.
Just dance to the beat, beat, beat, hey.
Let’s abandon all our feelings.
Sell yourself short.
Can you make it through the next week?
Who could ask for more?
Fight. For your youthful ideals.
Fight. Until your blood is running.
Fight. All the too-hip culture.
Fight. It’s been a long time coming.