Перевод песни Jason Trefts and John Ferragamo – Life is Priceless

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Friends, enemies, peers
Lend me your ears
For years you’ve been believing
Everything that you hear
Everyone cheers when the populous is frozen in fear
Doesn’t matter less it imposes on your chosen career
It’s roses and no one notices what’s happening fast
It’s a wrap, grasp the habits that you have to adapt
The state of the union everyone just silently claps
A sitcom without a joke but we violently laugh
It’s in the magazines you read that tell you you’re fat
Not good enough to be content and your future is flat
So you purchase a fake cure
What kind of future is that?
Closing the wound that they create
And refusing the facts
It’s no wonder that we’re confused and scared to lose
We’re taught to never compare
And use prayer to cure the blues
Barely old enough to swear but we stare at the news
Filling our hearts with despair
So we’re prepared to be abused
Mislead, mistreated and fed these reasons instead
To appease, hiding the dread we deny in our threads
Finding it tough to make a pledge
When we lie in the red
Buying compliance with their meds
So we fly and reside on the edge
Homeless and wed to a life where we beg
Buddha jesus ganesh arm leg leg arm head
To forgive the sins we’re dying to shed
Trying to dead the words of zion with defiance
But the virus has spread
When the heart stops beating and the memories fade
When all I am becomes dust and the skies are grey
I’ll live forever in the messages I left you to play
Healing the future with this love
And the cuts from a razor blade
Life is priceless cling tight with a vice grip
Memories might slip so I fight to write shit
Down before I drown or the sound of the night hits
Clutching to what I’ve found
While you’re seeing me like this
Evil or righteous there’s things that we might miss
I’ve seen the end before and my cure and advice is
To earn eternity with your own devices
Or pray to christ
And hope that he atones for the cri-sis
A tumor in your occipital lobe
A karmic code
Ensuring that you reap what you’d never sow
It’s low grade with slow growth
You’ve got hope that surgery can be the antidote
Or it’s murder she wrote
It’s strange needing a will at this age
Feeling caged, betrayed, jotting it down on a page
You would trade a thousand times your wage
To remain on the stage for as long as it takes
To break the chains
And maintain with a smile on your face
Embrace what your given
And keep on living with grace
But you could be erased
It has you staying awake
Tossing and turning with the taste of days
You wouldn’t pay to replace
It’s been a waste of time and space
A war between the better rates
And the heavenly gates
Running in place headed straight for the date
That you await
Sedated alone it’s a fate you may never escape