Перевод песни Dark Project – Ignorance

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I smell the domination
Manufactured explanations
Speeches and lectures sound like
Aggravated constitution
Once more a declaration
For a civil infiltration
You stretch it all beyond the coast
Walk away from the things that matter most!
You are colorblind how do you paint it red?
You can’t find the trail of this wasted shame
You will call the beast
You will bifurcate
All our lives are caught in this ignorance
We take the domination
Justify our desperation
Short word for queued up questions
Proliferation extradition
Puppets and corpses we are
Strings that bind our locomotion
You buy us and we pay the cost
Who’s gonna pay for all that’s lost?
A child’s dreams are redrawn
Sculpted with the pseudo-vision
And he grows up to be
One amongst the population
A world eradicated
Cleaned up all human emotion
Were we promised of this day?
Is it the price we all have paid?