Перевод песни Dark Project – Paralipomena

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I was born to wander free
Freedom gifted by design
Empty lies smell a hallmark of truth
Promised world is a filth divine
Broken, I am left behind
Was I meant to be a spare
There’s a link that binds us together
Cut me loose if you don’t care
And I wonder if our roads would meet again
And I wonder if you’d carry me all the way
And I wonder if there’s no way back again
Would you mind if I… Would you mind if I stay
Something overrules me
Tries to bind me in a chain
No matter how hard I try to be free
A link then rejoins again
And I wonder should our roads ever meet again
And I wonder if you’d then recognize me
And I wonder if I’ll drown in my past again
Would you mind if I’m… Would you mind if I’m free