Перевод песни Cuneyt Caglayan,Kutsal Kaan Bilgin – Into the Beckoning Darkness

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Again I feel drawn by my mystic subconscious
To be a part of the ominous sanctuary of the woods
Listening to the wolves revealing dark secrets
As I walk the shadows into the beckoning darkness
Again ghastly figures dance through the night
On the rocks which burn in a pale blue light
The great mountains send their winds on me
To chill my soul that seems to be living eternally
Now the birds sing their elegy mournfully
The owls scream to complete the harmony
Still the darkness hides something from me
That shall be told with the fall of sanctity
Hearing the chain sounds as the illusions reappear
Their invitation with chants only I can hear
Now echoes the scream piercing the night silence
And suddenly silenced by the densing darkness
The darkness spreads inside my head
But daylight has healed and the night has bled
Again on the soil I lie unconscious
After the journey into the beckoning darkness