Перевод песни Ramon Robinson – I Roll

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If I ain’t buy it then they probably wouldn’t either
Some people say I’m cold
That’s cool now watch me heat up
Just like I’ve got a fever
I do this in my leisure
Time a tell them but they’d rather hear me rhyme
They feel it like its brail
I ain’t writing like I’m blind
You ain’t got to see my face to know a beautiful mind
I ain’t trying to sound conceded though you see what I’m in plying
Why tell you that I am fly don’t you see that I am flying
I am one in a million and a million past one
If anything I hold this game for ransom
All these Women steady looking cause they know I’m handsome
My tongue so quick I be flowing at random
Nice cars
Nice clothes
Nice rims
I roll
Keep it classy
Some say flashy
But if you ask me
I do what come naturally
I ain’t trying to stand out
I can’t help how I stand and if they point me out
I ride no navigation I know this route
All I need is Gucci frames
The loafers are Robert Wayne
All I know is designer names
And if the watch glistens then minus the chain
Yes I’ve got some dollars so you know I’ve changed
Why brush off my shoulders I’ve just changed
You’ll never see me in the same shirt cause I just changed
I have never been plain
I ain’t playing
I have always been vein
What I’m saying
I ball
And this is what I’m playing
Nice cars
Nice clothes
Nice rims
I roll
Grab some cologne
Spray that bond number 9
This is my game face
Baller state of mind
See I am the truth but the shirt is just a theory
If you ain’t on my level don’t even get near me
Some women say they need me like a prescription
They have got faith but the jeans are true religion
I had visions of this life I’m living
I have risen from the ground
So I ain’t trying to be grounded
Not now
If anything the games on lockdown
See I have got fans they know I’m hot now
Now everybody looking
Like what does he got now?
I got some real-estate
I might own the block now
Nice cars
Nice clothes
Nice rims
I roll