Перевод песни Jake Pacheco, Sticky Abeyta, N8 Tramontina, Ziggy Bustamante – Medieval

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Come down to my house I got something to say
Get down and dirty with my fire we shall play
Escape the light into the chamber of me Deep down inside we’re getting dirty you’ll see
Into the darkness hide the trail of desire
Into the mirror find the fuel for my fire
The clouds above you rain the taste of the stray
And now its changed into a battle of sway
I know that you will do unto me Come one, come all, join in Get medieval with the one and only
You’re just a shadow just a master at me You rein the weak and they’ll decide what you’ll be Put on the mask put on the show they all love
I’ll be around to pull the strings from above
Step up to me step up to one not afraid
Bring on the shadows bring the ones you have made
Look into my eyes tell me what do you see
Come one come all and get medieval with me Come on medieval
Come on come on get with me Oooh yeah medieval
Come one, come all and get medieval with me Now come to my place tell me what do you see?
You’ll find the strong you’ll find the way it should be Below you’ll find the weak, the struggle with fame
I am the king and I shall rule you again