Перевод песни Austin Willacy – Away

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go away you can’t just go away
i seem to need you here to absolve my fear
fade away i can’t let you fade away
but i can’t cope anymore it’s hard to ignore
i’m on my knees and i can’t breathe today
tried to play but something died anyway
now it’s shriveled and gone
it was leavin' all along
cried today but i knew why today
a rusty blade cuts the chaff
you had the last laugh
i’m on my knees and i can’t breathe today
every time i feel okay
you just shout and shake your finger
every time i feel okay
you’ve been beatin' on my heart
you never miss your mark
bangin' me around like a captive in the dark
i can’t go on like it’s any other day
stowed away i got so far away
but still i run back to you it’s the easy thing to do
night and day i really really tried to pray
now i’m bloody and confused
perhaps you’ve heard the news
been on my knees
i still can’t breathe
i’m back to say i can’t stay away