Перевод песни Terrance Quaites – Hollywood

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I was raised on the edge of the World. Mama & Daddy had one boy, one girl
I spent my evenings on the corner drinking St. Ide’s, listening to Ice Cube,
rolling dice up against the curb
Somebody got money out here; and it’s mine. California motivates me to shine
Just like Candy on a six-four, rolling through the neighborhood,
smiling 'cause the pay is good
The sun is out, PCH, without a doubt, that’s what living is all about.
I’mma take a picture of the sunset, show you what I’m talking 'bout
All over the world, daddy’s little girl, catch the flight, and when she land;
she’s changed for life. She got dreams in the Malibu skyyy. She going to
Hollywood, kiss her bye
Take you to another place & take you to another land. Some hit the top and some
chasing, some just don’t understand
Some give it all and some take it, this ain’t the promised land.
I pray to God that you make it. (yeah, I pray to God)
Welcome to Hollywood
Wanna take you to Hollywood
Welcome to Hollywood
I can see you in Hollywood
Welcome to Hollywood
Are you ready for Hollywood?
Welcome to Hollywood. Hollywood
Picture me rollin' in a seven eight Cadillac, I got my khakis on, (?leading?
) for the City, down til I’m dead and gone, look at all the pretty girls,
walking on the sunset, they’re faces I’ll never forget. Some of them (?regret?
) Things didn’t pan out yet, your face don’t stand out yet, you ain’t been
getting no 'call-backs'
Agent’s say you’re too fat, Lotta late bills in the stack. The City didn’t pay,
you didn’t become the next Dr. Dre, your record didn’t play. You wanna go home.
But, you’ll return… baby, this is Hollywood, you gon learn
You gotta let it sit there, you gotta let it burn. Eventually, the tables turn.
You find your name, etched in stone, upon a star, on Hollywood Boulevard
(finish the rest later)