Перевод песни Damian Hess, Gabriel Alter, and David T. Cheong – A Little Bit Broad

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
My shit is a little bit broad for the taste at the top;
You could look your nose down if you want
But if you do, nerdcore’ll pass you by
Oops! Found it habit forming, had you avid for the high
Has you laughing in the eye, snorting through the left nostril:
That’s a withdrawal symptom, the kind to make agnostics hostile
Or make a true believer pray
That the nerd rhyme might return some day
…Got obliterated by the nerdcore flow
I like sophistication. That’s obvious, right?
I never easy-upped a lyric in attempt to delight
The ever larger and dumber swaths of population
I run this operation. I grew impatient with the ratio
Of smarties to dims;
Offhand when I named it, yet hardly a whim
I been discarding the trim ever since, soaking fat up
And luxuriating in the recognition from the kids who got the bad upkeep
On their personal space
Who were too bright to learn shit like manners, taste
Concentrate! I’m discussing the elevated
The tips-top of think-thunk. The pinnacles of armor-plated
Upbraided by the combed-hair crowd;
Comebacks concocted, not said out loud
Would have been incomprehensible to the hebetudinous
That’s why my comedy’s low when laughing at you’s at the root of this
My shit is a little bit broad for the taste at the top;
You can look your nose down if you want
Oh noes, where’d your taste go?
Got obliterated by the nerdcore flow!
And that’s a crit I never get. They say I rock, but too focused
Each old-school vocal twixt node and locus
Invokes this nostalgia. I’m tamping it down
(and I’ll yell, «keep settled!» while I’m stamping around)
Because the future’s got a brilliance. Still, I mean: clever
How many dumbenings-down? Count 'em up: none whatever
Zero umbrellas to protect from disdain:
I put my worst foot forward, code it hard in the name
Nerdcore. Just the way that it sounds
You’re always looking for a treatise, Frontalot can expound
If I don’t for the sake of the already-mentioned dull-witted
Just take what you can from out the lyric. I put in it
Every miniscule intention, every motive, every clue
Every riddle to unravel, everything you’ve got to do
To make the rhyme happen. If you don’t, so sad
But if you grok, talk of dumb joke rap gets forbad
All the high-brows pointing out my four-bit words
Up in the next breath tell me nerdcore’s absurd
Shut up, ass head! You and your big talk can go screw
I’ll aim my loafer at your bottom, probably cuss at you too
Probably fuss and go blue before I cease my little tantrum
Put my whining on the loop, «nerdcore» describes the anthem
Call it all foolishness? Mostly wouldn’t disagree
Titanic ego, low self esteem