Перевод песни Scott Evan Davis – He's Perfect - Lisa Howard

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You’ve always been calm
You’ve always been zen
So breathe
Do some yoga
You’re the sister who’s fun,
Who brings the sunlight where she goes
With every stormy tear,
I watch her disappear
A smudge is only tragic if it shows
You’re gonna be perfect
All you have to do is smile
It’s my job to get you down the aisle
It’ll be perfect
And I’ll never leave your side
I promise
You will be the perfect bride
Believe in this day
Believe in this guy
The love you have together
When setting the date
You couldn’t wait one minute more
And every bride deserves
A vicodin for nerves
You’ll say your vows a few feet off the floor
It’s gonna be perfect
Not one placecard out of place
I’ll handle Mom’s neuroses case by case
I’ll make it perfect
She’ll have nothing bad to say
Not after I produce the perfect day
Becca, you are sheer perfection
You don’t have to try
You’re everything Mom wanted me to be
If we don’t pass her inspection
No one’s gonna die
She’ll only spend a lifetime blaming me
Jenny wait,
You should know
You’re the one who set the bar so high
Honestly I’ve always looked up to you
The strongest, most selfless
No you’re the strong one
No you’re the strong one
No you are
No you are
No you are
No you are
No you
No you
No you
No you
No you
It’s gonna be perfect
We can be perfect
Enough to make mom speechless
Well nothing that extreme
A moment of peace would be a dream
We’ll make it perfect
We’re the perfect team