Перевод песни Color Theory – Long Distance Martyr

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Late night Sunday
2000 miles left to go
I still love you
But I’m trying to let it go We knew it all along
Three months of counting down the days
Now you’re going home to stay
I resent the strained politeness
Cross-country conversation gives
I drive in silence
Self-titled king of distances
The Vegas lights ahead
Like a fallen chandelier
Why did I ever volunteer
For this trip to nowhere?
I gave you everything
The perfect performance
Prepackaged memories
In wallet-size portraits
We’ve come so many miles
But now I can’t go much farther for you
This is the final duty
Of a long distance martyr
Wednesday morning
500 miles left to go Almost on empty
My resolve is running low
You say «that's good enough»
«I can walk the rest from here»
A playful smile from ear to ear
How can you desert me?
All my life I dreamed of finding someone
Ruled you out
Maybe too soon to tell
Charted our final destination
Wanted to end it well
Keeping alive the memories
So maybe in time
You will come back to me