Перевод песни Zeph Tragic, Zoe Tantrum – Excuse Me Mr

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Excuse Me Mister
I’m new here never been here I don’t know here. Which way should I go?
I don’t know you.
But you look pretty business-like all dressed up in your tailored clothes
Bet you have a wife
Who gets real jealous when you talk to hippie girls on city streets
Are you tired of life?
Well I’m just like you nauseated with too much anxiety.
Hold on. Hold on. Hold on.
Don’t leave me you might need me. I might need you. Don’t you want to?
We could find a place that’s dark and hot.
Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run.
I didn’t mean to scare you. You scared me when you looked that way.
I misconstrued your thoughts.
You’re looking and I’m looking sun is setting shops are closing
I must find a place to go. Streets begin their breathing.
I am new here. Never been here. I don’t know here.
Which way should I go?
Excuse me Mister. Don’t lose me Mister.
How did I get here?
I don’t know any more then you.
Another hour, another place, another time and I will be brand new.
Brand new. Brand new. This place is new.
I’ve never been here. Air is thick here. Pretty girls like me get sick here.
You’ve got money, I’ve got charm.
Let’s take a train to Paradise.
I know that dinner’s on the table
And the kids are waiting for you
Please forgive me when I met you
I saw boredom in your eyes
Excuse Me Mister. Don’t lose me Mister.
It’s getting late let’s run away.
Let’s go and find another place.
I’m just like you. You’re just like me.
We’re both searching. We’re both hiding.
Please don’t leave me. You might need me.
I’ve got something you can feed me.
Air is thick here, we’re getting sick here.
Excuse me Mister, don’t lose me Mister.
I bet you’re tired. I bet you’re tired.
I bet you’re tired of the same thing, I’m the same way. Let’s arrange things.
Run away. Another hour. Another time. Another place. Another way.
You don’t know me but you are me.
Excuse me Mister. Don’t lose me Mister.
I’m so new here I don’t know here
Let’s both leave here we don’t need here
Air is thick here getting sick
Bet you’re bored and can not fix here
Hold on Mister. Don’t run Mister.
You might need me. Please stay Mister.
Sun is setting. No regretting. I’m forgetting where I am.