Перевод песни Waen Shepherd – Geometry

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I was standing in my bedroom
Thinking about triangles
So I got out my ruler
And I drew one on some cardboard — it really looked amazing
I showed it to my Mother
And she just stared at me blankly
She didn’t understand it
So she sent me down the shop to buy a pack of twenty Regal
Architects and flowers
Use the same mathematic powers
There’s elegance and poetry
In the beauty of geometry
I wrote a letter to Lego
Expressing my disappointment
That they don’t do dodecahedrons
But nobody wrote back to me and I was really very angry
I went down to their office
Stood outside it with a placard
Saying «Make dodecahedrons»
Then a big bloke in a suit came out and pushed me down a banking
Pythagoras and Euclid
Don’t underestimate what they did
Imagine the futility
Of a world without geometry
Every Friday night, I go down town
With a hexagon hat and equations in my fist
Visions of isosceles in my head
I tell everyone in the pub
Oh, why won’t they understand
That the power of shapes can transform our lives
We are all equilateral in the eyes of God
But some are more equilateral than others
But triangles and polygons
Pi R times the square root of R squared
Plus H squared
Alpha over Theta equals
Omega to the power of Ulysees divided by three
That’s the wonderful, exciting, sexy world of geometry