Перевод песни Heart To Heart – Sleepless

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Everyone can see your conscience fade
With every passing day
And more and more I feel like I am the one taking its place
I fell in love with your soul
In return you fell for chemicals
I can’t compete with that
No I can’t work miracles
It’s safe to say that I don’t exist in your new world
If «faith» was really on your side you’d be a different girl
Your life is «shit»
So go ahead and take another hit
And one day soon you’ll face the consequence
Last night you weren’t sleeping
And I wasn’t either
As synthetic happiness filled your head
(How could I forget?)
Cold sweat filled my bed
I can’t see you through the glass
And I can’t see you anymore
But I’ve been thinking…
I decided tonight that I am letting it go
Pain was building inside and I just let it all show
There wasn’t a thing I could do to save you
I decided tonight that I am letting it be
When she finds her head
She’ll know where to find me
I’m no longer the weight on her back
But she’s still the sand in my eyes
I guess this is goodbye