Перевод песни Heart To Heart – The Turn

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Just get me out of this place
Fate has chosen for me to embrace
Trapped in a suit of disappointment
Wearing skin that I can’t be comfortable in
This is my cross to bare
I swallowed the truth so long ago
Destroyed my insides, rotted out my bones
I’m not a liar
I’m just the best one that I know
I was raised hearing I’m nothing but a failure
And I’m gonna let them down
I’m gonna let everyone down
I hope they understand
Even if they disagree
That I cannot change this part of me
How many pieces can I be torn to
Before I can’t be put back together?
I cannot grow without a challenge
I cannot grow on my own
I’m all alone
I’m giving in
The real me is trapped beneath this skin
This is who I am