Перевод песни Luca Arzuffi – Raid Day

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
We will leave at first dawn’s lights
When the sun will blind them
Dozen of ships will plough the sea
They will taste our payment
God of wind blow up our sails
Shout out! A day of glory for us
You will run away
Now march across the enemy line
You’ll be swept away
Die! Die! your blood is on my shield
Look into my eyes
Cry! Cry! And say your prayers
Enjoin your end
Fall down! Arrows are flying in the sky
You will be pierced
Break in the hall of the throne, ravage this place
Face me! begging will not save your life
Stand up and fight
Crawl worms! Leave your blades behind
Escape from this hell
Now the battle is going to an end
The enemy ranks are scared to death
We ll rip your war chest, where are your gods?
We are raising for Odin our sword
Far away is my dream of war, troops stand up! Sing out ours deeds!
We sweep across your land bringing doom
Burning all houses and spreading red scourge
Shedding Blood, where is your God?
We are here, listen, Odin is our war!