Перевод песни Randy Rainbow – The Randy Rainbow Chicken Pride Welcome Song

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Welcome to the show
We are here to let you know
our time is now
your time out
Haha ah
Feel the wave a sound (Ahh)
As it crashes down
You cant turn away
We will make you wanana stay
We will be adored
just tell us that you want us
we wont ignored
Its time for our reward
Now you need us
come and hed us
nothing can stop us now!
Oh woah oh woah
i got the music in me
oh woah oh woah
no need to hear a crowed calling out my name
i didnt come here seeking infinty or fame
the one only thing that im here to bring is the music is the music in my soul
gotta break out!
Set myself free yeah
Let it all go (Go!)
Just let is be yeah
Find the music in your heart
and let the music let you start to set yourself apart!
What we have in store
all we want is more
we will break all thourgh now its time to finish you
(Magic of randomness)
You never gonna bring me down
your never gonna break this part of me
My friends are here to bring me round
Not singing for popburlitery
were here to let you know
that we wont let you go
our music is a bomb and its about to blow!
And you can try to fight but we got the light that friendships on our part!
Got the music in your heart
we are here to blow this thing apart
as together we would never be afraid of the dark
we are here to sing our song out loud!
Caught you dancing with the crowd
as the music of the friendship survices! 2x
Got the music in our heart
We are here to blow this thing apart
As together we would never be a afraid of the dark
we here to sing our song out loud!
Caught you dacing in the crowd
As The music of the friendship survices3x!
(Magic of randomness)