Перевод песни Lyrics by Padraig Cooney, Music by Land Lovers – Is Nowhere Far Away Anymore?

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I was looking through the dormer window
At my children’s children in the neighbours' garden
And knowing then that they would soon discover
How slow and abject was their father’s father
At other points in life, I’d thought of moving somewhere beautiful
Where everyday existence didn’t taunt me through a terminal
But always I’d say, «It's too late»
So douse me, douse me, douse me, douse me
With the blood of Patagonians
I’m tired of this life, you see
Where everything I do is scrutinised
Scrutinised like public money
Or the hands of sex offenders
I’m going where there’s only peace and quiet for a fella
Somewhere that hasn’t fallen to the kids of IT Tallaght
A wilderness that’s crying out for one man to adore
Is nowhere far away anymore?
Blind me, blind me, blind me, blind me
With the sun of Anatolia
I’ve no connection to my family
But everything I do they scrutinise
Scrutinise like private photos
On the screens of jealous boyfriends
I’m stubbornly intractable, attracted to a mission
Until I’m ex-ed in exile, I’ll be buried in revision
And gravely do I go amongst the dead who must explore
Is nowhere far away anymore?
Always I’d say, «It's too late»
Always I’d say, «It's too late»