Перевод песни Richie Reinholdt – Blue Morning

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Riding waves of doubt weaving in and out
looking for a shiny clue
whether it’s night or day always the same way
it’s just different shades of blue
Am I feeling numb or just playing dumb
tables turning in the night
rocky roads and carrying heavy loads
blurry lines ‘tween wrong and right
Confusion rides taking sides
reason hides and slips away
Dreams can show the way to a brighter day
or draw clouds across the sun
the path ahead filled with words unsaid
optimism on the run
Stringing words together for the sake of rhyme
hoping to express this doubt
that all I hope to see might become part of me
just because I let it out
Weaving in and trying to figure out
why things happen like they do
whether it’s night or day it’s always the same way
just different shades of blue