Перевод песни Chris Kurek, Robert Raymond – 2's Blind

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We taxied out
For a twelve-ship LFE
And I lost count
Of who was 1 and who was 3
It’s nothing new
It happens every time
Over victor
«2's blind»
We took off
On a radar-assisted trail
Tried a boresight lock
And got an FCR fail
Then lead turned into the sun
Like he does every fuckin' time
Aw, son of a bitch!
«2's blind»
Why is he so damn hard to see
Well it must be his flying
'Cause it damn sure isn’t me!
We got spiked
And lead went to the notch
When he did
I had my eyes down in my crotch ('cause I had an itch!)
When I looked up
Only jack shit did I find
God damn it!
«2's blind»
We pushed to the target
And lead said, «Just keep sight»
But then he actioned left
When I swear to Jesus that he briefed right
It’s times like this
Where I feel a bit resigned
To just fuckin' eject
Rather than admit that I am blind
Dear God
What the hell have I done wrong?
Is it 'cause I drink and smoke and cuss
And repeatedly stroke my schlong?
(And I do)
Needless to say
My IP busted me
He gave me a zero
When I think it’s clear that I earned a 3
'Cause what he doesn’t know
Is that he’s lucky to be alive
When I said I was visual
I lied my ass off, I was blind! (Ha ha!)