Перевод песни Derrick Boss – My Life

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My life’s an open door no need to knock just walk into me
Enter the mind of a nigga that’s fucked mentally
With a fucked up life but looking for no sympathy
I’m simply looking for an end to this misery
But I need company on my journey so please come with me
Ain’t sleep or eat in a week I’m so hung-a-ry
Don’t need a chef’s book I cook with my own recipe
Let’s start with a can of whoop ass that’s my specialty
And end with a can of whipped cream on top of Stephanie
She looks young girl you 18 shit you better be
Show me ID cause what we did might be a felony
I don’t wanna see that Judge again he might remember me
As soon as he enters the room and takes a look at me
Have flashbacks of my crazy acts he’ll throw the book at me
Add years to my sentence based on my past history
What if I end my existence making my past history
Get on tv the 10 o’clock news will probably mention me
Little kids at home will watch it and try to mimic me
Psychologists will study my mind cause I think differently
But for now I’m alive and I live my life crookedly
Bad reputation club promoters they stopped booking me
Look at me I’m a mess the stress just took over me
Holding me hostage cause I’m not where I’m supposed to be
Hopefully my luck will change and this here will work for me
But probably not I’ll probably rot before you notice me
Hopelessly spitting rhymes at times its like poetry
Paint a picture with words no brush its just imagery
Close your eyes and you can see my words so visually
The best in this industry
This is my life
My life is such a mess Cause my life is full of stress
But the stress got me thinking about life after death
But Afta Death is the label that I threw on my shoulders
But that label fits cause it feels like my life is over
Scooby The Gambler when I’m gone you will remember me
Not a religious man so God he doesn’t visit me
But the Devil sure does he taught me some of his wickedary
How to lie cheat and steal and speak with obscenities
He also gave me a sick mind with no remedy
Guess this fucked up life I got is my penalty
So trying to change is a waste of my energy
I should save it for all the girls who saying that they feeling me
I’m a family guy who acts like Quagmire I’m so giggidy
My son got ADHD he so fidgety
Doc says I got the same blame it on heredity
But back to the ladies I need y’all to get in bed with me
You do not need to bring pills but we still can reach ecstasy
But bring a friend so we can fulfill some more fantasies
If not now by the end of the song you will be a fan of me
Cause sitting on top of the world is where I plan to be
They don’t want me to have freedom they try to limit me
They say I built a time machine and shot Kennedy
They lack evidence so the cops they start framing me
No matter what the crime is they keep blaming me
Refuse to clean up my act there is no changing me
Thinking about how to get this money and then it came to me
Go on a crazy crime spree and plead insanity
Before the cops cuff bury the money under the family tree