Перевод песни Amos Caley, Jeff Edgel, Micah Beckwith, Chris Brumbaugh – Permanent Ink

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Wakin' up,
He pours his cup of coffee.
Pains of hunger won’t go away,
Haven’t gone away in years.
Clap, clap,
Clap your hands right now.
Stand, stand,
Stand and take a bow.
You are stronger than you think.
(Than you think)
Dare, dare,
To love when others hate.
Take, take,
Take a leap of faith.
Live your life in permanent ink.
Wakin' up,
He pours his cup of coffee.
(Drinks it deep but hates the taste. Every morning hates the taste.)
50 years, they disapear,
(So much time has gone to waste)
Quicker than … a flash.
(Too much time has gone to waste)
He always thought by now,
He’d be a man,
Who would touch the world,
With his two hands.
Give it up, give it up now.
The mirror seems to say.
Give it up, give it up.
(2 x’s)
Take a leap of faith,
With faith.
Nothing risked is nothing gained,
With faith.