Перевод песни Graveyard Bbq, Jonathan Berry, James Keating, Mike Dilorenzo – Graveyard Bbq

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Said I’m Reverend T
Peterbilt Wilson
Bud Black III
And Brownbag Johnson
We feed our camp
We leave you damp
We’ll clamp you on the Amp
'Cause we’re Graveyard BBQ
And we’re hear to rock the show
Goin' down south
Sell our souls
The crossroads be’ith
The place we go
To meet our bro
To make a deal
To break the mold
We lit the torch
Our wheels set forth
By pavin' the way
To play up north
We paid our tolls
We live our rolls
So that’s our story
Let the truth be told
We sold our souls
For rock 'n' roll
This ain’t no joke
This ain’t no hoax
We sold our souls