Перевод песни Afterglow Radio – Going

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It’s not the weight of time, but there’s something in your mind
That says you really shouldn’t go, but you just can’t stay home
You can feel it through the air, when you sit in idle stare and
Realize the person looking back at you is numb
I thought this would never happen
To start a life and never look back
All i have to do is remember to never quit before
The miracle has begun
We’ve been walking the thin line for a long time
Fighting demons in our sleep
The comfort of finding our way
Is found at the edge, the edge of all ages
Another day to find another way to seize escape
Into the sunrise
Skin and bone, a vacant thrown, a voice with a timbre of a star
And that’s who we are
This night we walk on air
One moment with no despair
Fall down with grace and love
With grace and love
We’ve going on for so long and so hard
It’s time to find a place to stop, and breathe the air
A fading memory forms a picture show from long ago
And it gives me hope, for a momentary loss of self control
Leading with hands out to the water
I wonder how it feels in the sun
Skin and bone, a vacant throne, a voice with a timbre of a star
And that’s who we are
Never got this living right, worried your entire life about the things
That never really mattered in the end
Your life’s no life at all
Until you decompress