Перевод песни Dylan Fant – The Rose's Bloom

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Stand in front of me
close your eyes and tell me what it is you really see
your hands
set them free
to revolve around my body
feel the war I wage within me
whisk away the fear
the voices in my ear
they’re telling me that the day you leave
I’ll never get to see you again
these beliefs will fall to pieces
in your arms they shatter
and there is nothing else that matters to me
I’ll wait for you
until I’m buried six feet down
when my soul lets go
and the pressure of the earth won’t let me out
I’ll wait for you
til I become the roses bloom
I see rough waters ahead
no anchor in my empty bed
and the memory of our last kiss
won’t part the seas of loneliness
I’m drifting wherever the waves will take me
they’re pulling away from the shore
and closer to the heart of the storm
I believe that you’re the one to rescue me
in a dream I’ll feel you coming
so for now I’ll sail in the sweetest state of denial
I can used to the dark
live alone with the stars for awhile
When I’m gone
I’ll find my way back home
no matter where my body lies
I will never leave your side