Перевод песни Bryce Kulak – Old Buildings

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
When they tear old buildings down, it’s funny 'cause you know they’re sold and
going, but then they seem to stick around, and you wonder if they’ll ever
really do it.
Condo units up for sale.
Fences up around the lot and building.
Everyone has long moved out, and now the building’s simply waiting for it.
Maybe months go by, and maybe some minor excavation, but still the building’s
there, waiting for tennants.
You still hope they’ve changed their minds.
Maybe the old building’s really staying.
Maybe they won’t kill the vines growing up the sides, but signs are saying:
condo units for sale.
Better views and better light and heating.
Stuco will be pink and pale.
Parking will be underground but not free.
Maybe months go by, and you neglect to ride your bike up that street,
hoping it’s still there, hoping for new tennants.
Then one day, the building’s gone.
You had meant to take a lot of pictures of its yellow doors and vines climbing
up the bricks and 'round the windows.
Condo units up for sale.
Only for professionals over thirty making eighty grand a year.
Occupation set for this September.
Maybe as you think and watch the bulldozers clear the rubble, you manage to
sneak a brick and wonder about these future tennants, while cradling the old
buildings remnants.