Перевод песни Darryl Grant Potter & Michael Bohl – Somebody save me

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I can’t believe my eyes today, and I’m surprised what people say
I thought I knew my friends but I was wrong, it seems that one was plotting all
I went walking in the woods alone, but I found I wasn’t on my own
Somebody help me, oh oh, somebody save me, oh oh oh
He said, I’ll take this ring from you, I was afraid what he would do
He acted strangely, somebody save me
We thought our friend was lost somewhere, we turned around and he wasn’t there
We started searching high and low, but which direction would he go
It’s never certain where danger lies, we were suddenly taken by surprise
Somebody help us, oh oh, somebody save us, oh oh oh
Captured and held like animals, by this gruesome band of criminals
It’s an injustice, somebody save us
Caught and controlled while you still cannot see
Resistance is futile, you’ll never break free from our sight
We’ll take you at speed, running daily and nightly
Orders received from our wizard almighty in white
I don’t know what came over me, a touch of greed and jealousy
The look of fear was in his face, then he was gone without a trace
And now this evil army’s closing in, as I gather my fighting strength within
Somebody help me, oh oh, somebody save me, oh oh oh
Wounded I face the enemy, is this my fatal destiny?
Darkness pervades me, somebody… aaah…
This battle is won though our losses were great
Their sword and their long bow sent messages straight to the heart
But a warrior slain and two captives as tokens
Victory gained and a fellowship broken apart