Перевод песни Patrick Felsenthal – My Generation

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
We’re useless!
A whole generation been rendered ineffectual
We’re stupid!
A whole generation bent anti-intellectual
Talkin' ‘bout my Xanax-takin',
Vacant, baitin' doom, complacent,
Agin' awaitin' an explanation
Employer hatin', still wage slavin'
Failin', fakin', chasin' validation
Creatin' waste ‘n devastation
Video game playin', mistake makin'
Lost, forsaken generation
Never gonna quit, no we’re never gonna stop
Look at what we copped, look at what we got
Everything’s cool, yeah, everything’s hot
I’m so counterculture, man, look at where I shop
Look at what I dropped, look at what I rock
Bought myself some meaning and a fresh new top
A feeling of importance ‘n some threads to jock
Such a fucking rebel when I hit the block
Every generation wants to be the last (be the last)
Every generation wants to eat the past (eat the past)
In a world where compassion is fashion, meaning’s just another object in the
‘N in a world where convenience is king, beauty’s just another shopping center
parking space
We so fresh-fresh
We so fly-fly
So who the best dressed?
Don’t you lie-lie
So you can stress-stress
We say ‘why-why?'
‘N we so reckless
We just buy-buy
I saw the best minds of my generation
Reduced to priests of prosaic imitation
Angel-headed hipsters burning their donations
Not learning from mistakes ‘n yearning for the days end
An entire vanguard, vain ‘n self-obsessed
Drunk on false pride, nursed from fake breasts
The triumph of the ad age: authenticity’s death
Empty fascinations lacking insight ‘n depth
History’s just an aesthetic, that’s all it is
Gotta push it to the peasants in a hers ‘n his
Just put it all on credit, man, it’s strictly biz
There ain’t no time like the present to completely miss