Перевод песни Mike Vial – Empty Cup

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She was an empty cup
We watched her fill herself up
On whiskey with water then wine
My college friends still
Call her the mystery
Who crashed our party to have a good time
To have a good time
have a good time?
The answer was never
Mine in the morning
It was a quarter to something
And I was still waiting in the hospital room
I couldn’t answer the questions they were asking
Like what were her last name or the name of that tune
On the radio
On the radio
I don’t remember the words
But think I still know
How the melody goes
I don’t remember the words
But the song went like so
La, La, La, La, La
La, La, La
I walked through the door empty handed
My friends asked me what the hell happened
After I took her home
I silently counted the cups on the table
My friend said I’ll never able
To get a girl alone
Before they left I asked them
If they knew the song that went like so
That went, «La, La, La, La, La
La, La, La»