Перевод песни D. Vincennie – 34

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Self improvement is masturbation, I chase
Concepts, you are not your fucking khakis,
So why tease the offense, your all so pretty
Teem Geezus colored losses, just a threat I
Taste pity, galloped off in swallowed voices,
All alone I stand silent, with a shirt that
Reads «eat me», still a cuddly assassination
34 stains the knees please, they say they want
Kisses, I say let them leave, gonna spill my
Wrists, try and fake my disease, we’re all so
Hollow, none left worth the saving, broken
Hearts equal conniptions, Armageddon’s just
A saying, yo if heaven’s a blow job, never
The less let’s pray, Sally the sluts a door
Knob, her silly sins are getting away, it’s
Just we’re all so crispy, little icky spills
The fluids, I’m huddled close to satin skin,
It’s just we’re all so fucking clueless,
This is a tale of two Toxie’s, I’m sprouted
Off in afterbirth, your heavy hands will never
Stop me, I smile hard for what it’s worth,
Yo the earth spins softly, love me hard for
Broken fingers, a dirty mind sells sympathy,
Above all the sex lingers, back One to thirty
Four, Mr. Kool kills apathy, I’m a happy boy,
He summed it up, deflated actually, it’s just
We’re all worn out in a world full of splinters,
This is why we play to win, for ever more we
Sleep in shivers… This is why we play to win, stack them all
And kill them quietly, dust them off in silent
Sins, simple clowns deal in ironary, drop my
Head in pitch black, drop the rest and count the
Foolish, a parasite that hits back, I send my
Love and eat the Druids, yo P is for pornography,
We’re in a world of sexy pigeons, we’re make believe
The Scientology, yes and I’ll bring the ribbons,
All aboard, let’s taste the necks please, he a
Salty little person, I enjoy to watch the sex
Bleed, this is the sound of grimy surgeons,
We’re all wroth saving, all alone I save myself,
Thirty four seconds counts the progress, never
Impressed, I erase the help, it’s so, so simple,
This decoupage it stabs in heart beats, sunken
Breaths and heavy limbs, we drop the ball, it’s
So alarming, I’m only everything, let’s sell my
Thoughts, I dance with yuppies, this nothing club
That never wins, a wasted life, I’m so disgusting,
Now I’m free to taunt sympathy, stand in line,
I’m pissed off, a waking mouth that aims to grin,
Never the mind, my chest is soft, I recycle bitch
Slaps, with tainted tongues, I stack on heathens,
With all the trust we push back, slightly paused,
I stop breathing, now I’m huddled in her eyes,
Barely human with plastic tears, it’s prayers to
The whore house in the sky, it’s a mighty blow
That spells fear…