Перевод песни D. Vincennie, C. Gibson – Too Honest To Fake It

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If I stood a top a soap box would anybody listen,
Would everybody gather and clap their hands without
Permission, would I wear and funny suit with a top
Hat and mega phone, would I feed you a bunch of
Lies, or would I provide a safe way home, would I
Live amongst the thieves, or be a popper to rich
Men, hide my face to the shadows, or would I fall
To the quicksand, would I stand a top that box with
A hammer and broken dreams, mending the wounds of
All the people, replacing tears with nice things,
What if that box where to break and I came tumbling
To the ground, would the world try and safe me,
Or would the populist help me drown, what if I were
To pass away, would anybody truly miss me, would
The skies open up, and would the heavens fully
Forgive me, what if that shattered soap box represented
My time on earth, what if nobody even cares, and I
Was a life that never worked, what if she finally
Says she loves me, would my insecurities dissolve,
Would I rebuild my humble soap box, climb to it’s
Peaks and stand tall, what if I stood atop of that
Box and my head began to spill, would it affect the
Lives of children, or would I remain invisible still,
Would I keep the crowd at distance if my heart suddenly
Stopped, what if there was a women in my life, would
She pick my head up off that box, what if that box
Was full of dreams, and everyone of them was a pistol,
What if that lullaby where to fire and turn this
World straight to crystal, what if that box felt love,
And being alone made it shatter, what if I never stood
Atop it, would any of this even matter…
I’m too honest to fake it, so let’s pretend I never
Did, let’s pretend I never wrote or touched a pen
Since I was a kid, let’s pretend that I’m alive,
And I’m not obsessive or compulsive, let’s pretend
This is a lie, and my hearts not weak or corrosive,
Let’s take the time to concentrate, and find the
Truth in contradiction, let’s walk our egos to the
Cliff and push them off with hugs and kisses, let’s
Take the time to comprehend, now walk ourselves up
To that cliff, turn the kisses on ourselves and
Watch the gravel start to slip, let’s take the time
To feel the rush and let our bodies go air born,
Close our lives to the pain, and open up til the air’s
Gone, let’s take the time to love our friends,
Then pretend this never happened, let’s pretend the
Time we took was always here and closed captioned,
Let’s pretend the first verse wasn’t real and was
Irrelevant, so all the time we took can now be
Humble and draped in elegance, let’s pretend this
Is the end, and take the time to walk away, let’s
Pretend this doesn’t matter and it’s ok to feel this
So let’s just say there is more to life then just
Walking on the sun, the shotgun cocks, and then
The stop clock gets done, and your the target on
The run, the rocket on the one, is this day it’s
Over, or has it hardly just begun, so let’s just
Say that we can sway in that Extra Kool way,
Strung out on a string, and at the end they all
Fray, gray matter can you flatter then six feet,
Ashtray bouquet shred, lay dead inside your back
Seat, so let’s just say complete the feat the
Concrete coffin by the creek, so while your off
To stop them all the heart is in the street, watch
Your ice cream melt in this God damn heat, so
Often that your coffin, pour the blood upon the
Beat, so let’s just say we see the solider sitting
On the sidelines, and day by day, I’m getting
Older, all I do is write rhymes, and fight my minds
Battle, is this shit worth it at all, they here
To help me raise, or are they just waiting to
Watch me fall…
There’s only so much people can handle,
To the boiling point when you want to make them
Break shit, there’s only so much people can
Handle, Stereo and Extra Kool, we’re jus too
Honest to fake it…