Перевод песни D. Vincennie – Another (K)night On the Town

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True story, it was kind of a scary night**
Well it’s those Englewood Kreeps, we’re rolling
About five deep, another night on the town,
There’s no time for sleep, it’s just me and Big
Joose, Hut, Cure and Reks, we took the city by
Storm trying to earn respect, we had back packs,
Krylon, streakers and fat caps, window scribes,
Stickers, markers and etch bath, so we took it
Too the streets gave it all our name, when you’re
Seventeen years old, that’s your claim to fame,
I guess we took it to far made some dude unhappy,
Now we’re starring face to face with so vigilante,
That’s when I saw it in his hand, grown man with a
Pistol, slipped the gun off of safety, let that
Heater whistle, he licked one shot, two shots,
Three shots, four, he was gunning for my head, hit
A brick by the doors, now we’re all running out
Like a bunch of frighten rabbits, man I’m not
Going to lie, I was scared God damn it, as they
Continued to fly, I don’t remember what he said,
But it was something along the lines of I want
You mother fuckers dead, so we split it up quickly,
As we left in two groups, Reks and Cure took the
Left, so now it’s me Hut and Joose, so we tried to
Break loose, headed down a loading dock, full sprint
In the dark, headed toward the parking lot, I was
Sweating bullets when we came across the fence, me
And Joose headed over still feeling kind of tense,
When we finally spun around, we saw Hut on the ground,
I thought the vigilante got him, but he just fell
Down, so we started to clown, then we all started
Laughing, but we weren’t safe yet, because we could
Hear that cannon clapping, so we got to our feet for
The hundred yard dash, Emune’s house is around the
Corner, so now we’re tearing up his grass, we were
In with a flash, with Reks and Cure at his door,
Emune’s sitting in his boxers asking what’s with all
The noise, it’s was hugs and high fives, as we told
About the heater, it was one hell of a night, I even
Lost my favorite streaker, our hearts were pumping
Litters, even though we landed safely, and after a clip
And a half we learned that mother fucker’s crazy (2x)
He was tucking the heat, we didn’t want to go to
Sleep, another night on the town for us Englewood
Kreeps… (4x)