Перевод песни D. Vincennie – Even's Dead

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I’m so sick and I’m so pretty, I chase my head
Sideways, oh what a pitty. I’m a human decoder ring, Teem Geezus scratch the
Arms off, we build the bombs to bake the cakes,
Defrost the smiles and get my rocks off, I’m a
Devilish grin, with plastic horns, they make me
Feel pretty, we keep the chuckles under the eyes
Withductions and I’m still gitty, another
Hypochondriac making it hard for me to fake a limp,
These are sick songs of broken dreams, with choppy
Vocals to make the tracks skip, well I’m a good boy
I thought I told you over the stitches, thick hugs
Never sing, it’s open hands to best of wishes,
We’ll have you swimming with the fishes, and I’ll
Be on the surface slanging fluoride, Awareness kills
The beats, I paint the tracks, we let the songs ride,
Well I’ll be God damned, I’d be more then happy to
Have you grieve with us, all it costs is high fives,
And say the name it’s Teem Geezus…
Awareness-Even's dead, big Time-Even's dead, Doctype-
Even’s dead, Kool Keith- Even’s dead, Existereo-
Even’s dead, Argonaut-Even's dead, fantomes-Even's
Dead, Bryan Urs-Even's dead, Mad Matt-Even's dead,
Satyr-Even's dead, A.C.-Even's dead, Damon JeVon-
Even’s dead, Janky Joose-Even's dead, Dirty Lab-
Even’s dead, Beast Fetus…