Перевод песни Art of Verse; Miketron – Stroll

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I heard the calling that would draw me to where the merit lives
The crops of my open mind were propped by my heritage
I heard the Sun say it was due time for me to leave
The moon whispered sweet nothings so my mind could finally breathe
The purity found deep within tranquility
The love was manifested from the many banks of imagery
Depicted to be lifted to the tips of the boughs
Rock, rock, as we walk from treetops to the clouds
I use the last three letters of my very own heART
As foundation for ground breaking so I can stART
To paint pictures with words to feel the Love Burst
Finishing my name, the image in the frame of And often Love Hurts but sometimes
its that Good Hurt
I’m sweating respect with every breath reppin' good work
And through the wood work, I remain carvin'
Endless when I blend bliss passed the margin
The passion is charging like stampeding elephants
Action is embarking with a freedom in the elements
The season is irrelevant I got a summer mind
Getting deep when I speak heat composing frozen lines
And through the broken times, I stay constructing
Building for the Future, slaying the corruption
Busting ill splinters, when I strike the zone
Art of — Ninja on the Microphone
Self congratulations — Art school graduate
Time to embark with tools to stay passionate
As I’m rapping with my future in mind
Zoning to pay the loans by putting truth in a rhyme
So I’m, choosing to grind — honing my craft
Set emotions in the efforts in the poems I blast
I’m flowing the task complete — My heart does work
Sincerity is Clarity — Art of As it starts to hurt, I think of the struggle
As it sinks into muscles I try to relink the puzzle…
Hustling to find a better picture (Why's that?)
Cause I pour my heart, soul, and mind inside of every scripture
So keep your doubts passing, I’mah stay crafting
Arcane with the wizardry, I’mah stay casting
Not going for dreams means the Soul’s crashing
So fuck everything else, follow your Soul’s passion
Philippines — We rock, rock on!
Seattle — We Rock, Rock on!
Ketchikan — We rock, rock on!
Brooklyn — We rock, rock on!
Chicago — We rock, rock on!
Los Angeles — We Rock, rock on!
I’d rather take my life, gunshot dome blasting
Than be told to stop following my own passion
Wallowing at home in the zone, poem crafting
Hesitation and doubt, I’ve grown past ‘em
Microphone traction so I got a steady grip
The universe is on my mind so I drop that heavy shi*
Shiitake mushrooms inside of the Soup
Trying to represent that Hip Hop that’s providing the truth
I reside on the roof of the planet from blazing too many trees
What the fuck am I doing with my 20′s? Please!
I’m painting dreams across reality producing for change
So keep your judgments if you ain’t doing the same
I’m true to my name, I keep my verses artistic
Marijuana artillery, I spark that ballistic
Gifted with the real so the true form I practice
Art of — Fresher than Newborn Planets